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We have been granted permission by the Government of Bhutan to ski and split board in the Chomolhari region of Bhutan.  As we travel to and from the mountains we will meet Buddhist monks and learn ancient meditation techniques passed down to them from thousands of years ago. This will be the first trip of its kind ever run in the country.  Until very recently Bhutan was a closed kingdom that did not allow visitors to enter for fear that outsiders would taint the beautiful and peaceful buddhist mountain culture that has existed there for centuries.  This trip will truly be one of a kind.

The Skiing - exploring the HIMALAYAS

This trip is exploratory in nature.  We will set up our basecamp at 13,000 feet at the base of Chomolhari, a 23,000 foot Himalayan Jewel.  All of the skiing will be done across the valley from this mountain at altitudes ranging from 13,000 to 17,000 feet. Since no one has ever skied in this region we have very little information about snow quality or quantity.  We are optimistic we will have a wonderful skiing experience, but all participants must have a flexible attitude with regards to snow conditions.  This trip really is all about the journey; learning to meditate with ancient monks, experiencing a beautiful culture, and a stunning landscape in the Himalayas.  Excellent skiing would simply be the cherry on top.

We require that all participants have at least one year of backcountry skiing or split boarding experience along with all their own gear.  The skiing itself will not be overly technical and advanced skiers in very good shape will be able to handle the terrain.  We will be climbing to altitudes in excess of 15,000 feet so you must be in excellent physical condition.  You do not need to be acclimatized to altitude as we will have time to do so when we arrive in Bhutan.  


Whether you are an advanced practitioner or are simply interested in meditation, this trip will be transformative for everyone involved.  We will learn how to meditate from monks who use ancient techniques that have been handed down to them over thousands of years and honed to perfection in their secluded Himalayan Monasteries.  We will meditate together twice a day, morning and night.  Our goal is bring the awareness of mindfulness to everything we do, including our skiing, so we can be more fully aware and present in the moment.  In this way we can truly be happy by connecting to ourselves, our group and to the incredible mountain landscape that will constantly be around us.  

Itinerary - 

Day 1: Arrive in Paro, explore Bhutan's biggest "city" and have a welcome dinner

Day 2: Begin Acclimatization program by Hiking to the legendary Tiger's Nest Monastery at 10,000 feet and meditating with Buddhist Monks.

Days 3: Begin our hike to the Chomolhari basecamp coordinates:

 27°46'52.08"N,  89°20'29.65"E

Day 4: Finish hiking to basecamp.  Set up camp at 13,000 feet.  Light afternoon hike/skin.

Day 5-10: Skinning/skiing/exploring/in the Chomolhari Area

Day 11: Return to Paro

Day 12: Fly Home


Camping - leave your yak at home. BYO sleeping bag and pad.

We will be winter camping at the Chomolhari Basecamp.  Everything will be taken care of for you except a sleeping bag and pad.  Our local guides have yaks and horses to carry all our gear, and will be cooking all meals for us while we are in the mountains.  Bhutan has a surprisingly pleasant climate and while we will be camping for 5 days, the temperature will not be much below freezing during the daytime hours.  If you've never camped in the winter before, do not worry, it is not much different from summer camping.  If you have any questions or concerns please email us at